1. Physico-chemical properties and biological activity: Influence of partition coefficient, covalent bonding, hydrogen bonding, surface activity, redox potentials, chelation, enantiomers, and geometrical isomerism an biological activity.
2. Factors affecting adsorption, transport, distribution and elimination of drugs, protein binding of drugs.
3. Introduction to the concepts of prodrug, soft drugs and targeted drugs
4. Introduction to principles of chemotherapy, chemotherapeutic index, drug resistance, super infection.
A study of the classification, mode of action, uses and synthesis of specified members in each of the following categories.
5. Antiinfective agents: a) Ectoparasiticides: Lindane, pyrethrins, sulfurated compounds, benzyl benzoate (b) Antiseptics and disenfectants: alcohol, formaldehyde, recorcinol, hydrogen peroxide, benza;konium chloride, gentian violet, methyline blue and furazolidone.
6. Sulphonamides: sulfisoxazole, sulphamethazole and sullphathiozole.
7. Antimycobacterial agents: a) Antitubercular agents: PASA, isoniazid b) antileprotic agents: dapsone
8. Antihelmintics: diethyl carbamazine citrate, mebendazole, tinidazole, thiobendazole and pyrantel pamoate
9. Antimalarials: Chloroquine, primaquine, mefloquine, and pyremetnamine.
10. Antiamoebic agents: metronizadole, diloxanide, furoate, and carbarsone.
11. Antifungal agents: clotrimazole, Ketocanazole and tolnaftate.
12. Antiviral agents: acyclovir, zidovudine, idoxuridine and adamantine
13. Cytostatic agents: chlorambucil, cyclophospamide, lomustine, methotrexate, 5-flouro uracil and mercaptourine
14. Adrenergic drugs: Biosynthesis and metabolism of catecholamines, direct and indirect sympathomimetics, mode of action and structure activity relations, adrenergic blocking agents, synthesis of amphetamine, phenyl ethylamine and isoproterneol.
15. Cholinergic agents and anticholinesterases: Structural features of acetylcholine, cholinergic agonists, anticholinesterases, synthesis of carbachol, physostigmine, neostigmine and dicyclomine.
16. Diuretics: acetazolamide, furosemide, ethacrynic acid and hydrochlorthiazide.
17. Antihypertensives: methyl dopa, amlodipine, prazocin and propranolol

Text books:
1. Wilson and Gisvold, textbook of organic, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemisrty.
2. Bently and Drivers Textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
3. Remington's Practice of pharmaceutical sciences.

Reference books:
1. Organic Chemistry, Vol.I. by I.L.Finar
2. Essentials of medicinal chemistry by Karlkovas
3. Medicinal Chemistry, Vol.I, II and III. by A.Burger
4. Indian Pharmacopoeia

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