GPAT-2010 Question paper with Answers

GPAT-2010 was held on 2 may 10 by M.S.Baroda University . GPAT -2010 Question paper with answer key is First provided by

According to Expected Cut off  may be near about 55% marks in GPAT-2010 Paper.
GPAT -2010 Question Paper
Q.    Many xenobiotics are oxidized by cytochrome P450 in order to
(A)       increase their biological activity
(B)       increase their disposition in lipophilic compartments of the body
(C)       increase their aqueous solubility
(D)          all of the above
Ans. D
Q.    The following protein/polypeptide has a quaternary structure :
(A)   cc-Chymotrypsin                                                                 (B)   Hemoglobin
(C)   Insulin                                                                                     (D)   Myoglobin
Q.    Drugs in suspensions and semi-solid formulations always degrade by
(A)   first order kinetics                                                   (B)second order kinetics
(C)   zero order kinetics                               (D)   non-linear kinetics
Ans. C
Q.    In nail polish, following polymer is used as a film-former :
(A)   Nitrocellulose                                                                         (B)   Polylactic acid
(C)   Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose                                         (D)   Cellulose acetate phthalate
Ans. A
Q.    Rabies vaccine (living) is prepared using
(A)   Sheep blood                                                                                    (B)   Mice lymph
(C)      Horse plasma                                                                                 (D)   Fertile eggs
Ans. D
Q. A drug (200 mg dose) administered in tablet form and as intravenous injection (50 mg dose) showed AUG of 100 and 200 microgram hr/mL, respectively. The absolute availability of the drug through oral administration is :
(A)   125%                               (B)   250 %                                    (C)   12.5%                              (D)   1.25%
Q.    Geriatric population should be included in the following Phase of clinical trials
(A)   Phase I                            (B)   Phase II                                (C) Phase III                            (D)   Phase
Ans. B

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