1. Biopharmaceutics: Introduction, fate of drug after administration, routes of drug administration, drug absorption, drug absorption and disposition. Drug absorption: Oral, Percutaneous, rectal, factors involved, mechanisms and kinetics - a detailed study of physiochemical, biological and dosage form considerations in drug absorption.
2. Drug dissolution and bioavailability: Concepts, definitions, factors involved, assassment, official methods, applications and significance.
3. Drug distribution: Localization and protein binding - enterohepatic cycling - first pass effect. Drug elimination: Metabolism, hepatic metabolism, microsomal and non microsomal metabolism, enzyme induction and inhibition and their influence on drug activity, drug excretion through urine, bile, lungs and skin - renal clearance. Significance of Biopharmaceutics in product formuation and developmant.
4. Pharmacokinetics: Introduction, compartment models, blood level curves, pharmacokinetic parameters, biological half - life, apparent volume of distribution, renal clearance, absorption rate, AUC - their significance, kinetics of blood levels following IV, oral, single and repeated administration. Introduction to dosage regimens.
5. Novel drug delivery systems: Introduction, basic concepts in controlled release - Mechanisms and basic techniques used. Advantages and disadvantages of controlled release products. A brief study of the following types of controlled release systems.
(i) Oral controlled release: Matrix tablets, coated pellets, OROS.
(ii) Parental controlled release: Microspheres, emulsions and suspensions.
(iii) Transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS): Basic concepts, limitations, design for TTS.
(iv) Implants and implantable devices: An introduction to osmotically controlled drug delivery systems.
(v) A study of Liposomes, Released Erythrocytes, Nanoparticles and their applications.

1. Theory and practice of Industrial Pharmacy by Leon Lachman, Lieberman and Kanig;
2. Remington's Practice of Pharmaceutical Sciences;
3. Biopharmaceutics and clinical pharmacokinetics by Milo Gibaldi
4. Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics byBrahmankar;
5. Modern pharmaceutics by Banker.
6. Oral drug delivery technology by Aukunaru Jithan published by Pharma book syndicate

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