Acid-base titrations:

1. Standardization of HCl
2. Standardization of H2SO4
3. Standardization of NaOH
4. Assay of Boric acid
5. Assay of sodium bicarbonate
6. Assay of borax
7. Assay of calcium hydroxide
8. Assay of zinc oxide
9. Assay of calcium carbonate
10. Assay of acetyl salicylic acid
11. Assay of formaldehyde
12. Assay of NaOH in presence of sodium carbonate

Redox titrations:

13. Standardization of iodine
14. Standardization of KMnO4
15. Assay of ferrous sulphate
16. Assay of hydrogen peroxide
17. Assay of sodium nitrate
18. Estimation of ascorbic acid with 2,6-dichlorophenol indophenol
19. Assay of mercuric chloride
20. Assay of sodium bisulphate
21. Assay of copper sulphate

Precipitation titrations:
22. Standardization of silver nitrate
23. Assay of potassium chloride
24. Assay of ammonium thiocyanate
25. Assay of mercuric oxide

Complexation titrations:

26. Standardization of EDTA
27. Assay of calcium gluconate injection/tablets
28. Assay of aluminium sulphate

Non-aqueous titrations:

29. Assay of thiamine hydrochloride.


30. Determination of sulphate as barium sulphate
31. Estimation of magnesium as magnesium pyrophosphate
32. Determination of thiamine as silico tungstate

Limit tests:

33. Limit test for chlorides
34. Limit test for sulphates
35. Limit test for iron

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