1. Determination of solubility of drugs in single and mixed solvents;
2. construction of phase diagram for the system of methyl salicylate - isopropanol water;
3. Determination of partition coefficient of benzoic acid in peanut oil - water system;
4. Influence of additives (glycerol in aqueous phase) on the partition coefficient;
5. Study of complexation of copper and glycerine by pH titration method;
6. Determination of rate constant of a first order reaction;
7. Determination of rate constant of a second order reaction;
8. Determination of surface and interfacial tensions;
9. Determination of SMC of a surfactant by capillary rise principle;
10. Determination of HLB of a surfactant.
11. Determination of Cloud and kraft point;
12. Study of adsorption of oxalic acid on charcoal - construction of adsorption isotherms;
13. Influence of suspending agent on the sedimentation parameters in a suspension;
14. Determination of degree of floccculation in a suspension;
15. Determination of particle size by gravity sedimentation Andreason's Apparatus;
16. Determination of globule size and size distribution in an emulsion;
17. Study of physical stability of selected emulsions;
18. Preparation of colloids 9(lyophilic and lyophobic) and study of protective colloidal action;
19. Determination of bulk and true density (by liquid displacement method) of crystalline solids;
20. Micrometric studies on tablet granulations - determination of bulk and granule densities, angle of repose, compressibility index, influence of glidants on flow properties.

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