1. Determination of acid value
2. Determination of saphonification value
3. Determination of iodine value
4. Determination of unsaponifiable matter
5. Determination of Eugenol in clove oil
6. Estimation of cineole in eucalyptus oil.
7. Estimation of citral in lemon grass oil.
8. Determination of aminophylline
9. Determination of caffeine citrate
10. Estimation of strychnine hydrochloride
11. Tests for absence of arachis oil, cottonseed oil and sesame oil in other oils
12. Reactions of carbohydrates, glycosides, alkaloids, aminoacids (including xanthine alkaloids), sterols and vitamins
13. Identification of selected natural products
14. Preparation of caffeine from tea dust
15. Preparatioin of caseine and estimation of nitrogen
16. Soxhelt extraction of a crude drug
17. Assay of tincture Nuxvomica/Tincture Belladona

Suggested Books:
1. Organic chemistry, Vol.II. By I.L.Finar
2. Wilson and Gisvold, Textbook of Organic, Medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry
3. Bently and Driver's Textbook of Pharmaceutical chemistry
4. Remington's Practice of Pharmaceutical sciences.
5. Indian Pharmacopoeia

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