1. Chemotherapy: Sulphonamides, antibiotics, antiviral, antifungal agents and antineoplastics.
2. Drug treatment in tuberculosis, leprosy, veneral diseases, malaria, filaria, leishmaniasis, trypnasomiasis, amoebiasis and helmenthiasis.
3. Vitamins and hormones: vitamins, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal cortex, insulin and oral antidiabetic drugs.
4. Pharmacology of drugs acting on sex organs: oral contraceptives, oxytocic agents and uterine relaxants.
5. Immunity and biological standardization: Vaccines and immune sera, immunosupressive agents.
6. Methods of biological assay, principles of bioassays, fundamentals of biometric analysis. Detailed study of the official bioassay methods of adrenaline, posterior pituitary, insulin, gonadotrophic hormones, cholera vaccine and diptheria antitoxin.
7. Pharmacology of local anaesthetics.
8. Drugs acting on respiratory system: cough supressants, bronchodilatory, drugs used in asthma.
9. Miscellaneous: chelating agents, demuclents, counter-irritants, diagnostic agents.
10. Drugs acting on GI tract: digestants, antispasmodics, anti-diahrrhoeal agents, cathartics, emetics, antimetics, drugs used in inflammatory bowl syndrome, antacids and drugs used in gastric ulcers.

Text books:
1. Textbook of pharmacology by Rang and Dale
2. Essentials of medical pharmacology - K.D Tripathi
3. Lippincort's illustrated pharmacology
4. Pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics by Satoshkar and Bandarkar.

Suggested books:
1. Pharmacological basis of therapeutics by Goodman and Gillman.
2. Text book of clinical pharmacology - Bertram.C.Katzung
3. Indian Pharmacopoeia

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