1. Action of drugs adrenaline, ach on isolated smooth muscle (Physiological antagonism)
2. Action of atropine and ach (receptor antagonism) on isolated smooth muscle of rabbit intestine.
3. Action of histamine and antihistamine (receptor antagonism) on isolated smooth muscle.
4. Drug antagonism studies on isolated smooth muscle strips Adrenaline x Propanolol (receptor antagonism) of rabbit intestine
5. Two point Bioassay of acetylcholine on frog uterus abdominis muscle.
6. Three point bioassay of acetyl choline on frog uterus abdominis muscle.
7. Bioassay of histamine on guinea pig ileum.
8. Action of drugs on rabbit eye (local anaesthetics).
9. Action of drugs on mice (CNS stimulants)
10. Action of drugs on mice (CNSdepressants)
11. Test for pyrogens (rabbit method)
12. Insulin hypoglycaemic action in rabbits

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