1. Determination of radiation constant of brass, iron, unpainted and painted glass(4 experiments).
2. Steam distillation - To calculate the efficiency of steam distillation.
3. To Determine the overall heat transfer coefficient.
4. Construction of drying curves (for calcium carbonate and starch).
5. Determination of moisture content and loss on drying.
6. Determination of humidity of air - i) From wet and dry bulb temperatures-use of humidity chart, II) Dew point method.
7. surface evaporation - To calculate the mass transfer coefficient from water to air.
8. Size analysis by sieving: To evaluate size distribution of tablet granulations - construction of various size frequency curves including arithematic and logarithmic probability plots.
9. Size reduction: To verify the laws of size reduction using ball mill.
10. Demonstration of colloid mill, fluidized bed dryer, freeze dryer and such other major experiments.

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