List of experiments:

1. Sterilization by autoclaving and test for sterility
2. Sterilization by dry heat and test for sterility
3. Sterilization by heating with bactericide and test for sterility
4. Sterilization by gas and test for sterility
5. Test for sterility of commercial dextrose injection I.P.
6. Test for sterility of preparation containing sulphanilamide;
7. Preparation and standardization of a bacterial vaccine.
8. Fermentative production of Penicillin/Neomycin (Demonstration)
9. Fermentative production of glutamic acid (Demonstration);
10. Microbiological assay of penicillin including construction of standard curve;
11. Test for presence of fungi
in tap water;
12. Determination of minimum inhibitory concentration of Phenol;
13. Immobilization of microbial cells by entrapment in sodium alginate;
14. Isolation of DNA from bacteria (Demonstration).

Text Books and Reference Books:
1. Bentley's textbook of pharmaceutics by Herold Davis - 7th and latest edition
2. The microbiological assay of Vitamin B-complex and aminoacids by E.C.Barton - Wright, Sir Isaac Pitman and sons Ltd., London
3. Analytical microbiology by Kavanagh, Academic press.
4. Tutorial pharmacy by cooper and Gunn.
5. Indian Pharmacopoeia, Volume-II, 1996 Edition.
6. Remington's Pharmaceutical sciences.
7. Pharmaceutical biotechnology by Vyas and Dixit, BS Publications & distributors, New Delhi
8. Pharmaceutical biotechnology by K.Sambamurty & Asutoshkar, New age international publishers.
9. Industrial microbiology by L.E.Casida JR., New age international publishers.
10. Principles of gene manipulation by Primrose, Twyman, 6th edition, Blackwell.

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