1. Carbohydrates: Classification and general properties. Knowledge of structure including stereochemistry of glucose, fructose, and sucrose. General treatment of pharmaceutically important carbohydrates-maltose, lactose, starch, cellulose, dextrin, and glycosides.

2. Amino acids and proteins: Classification and general reactions of amino acids and their relationship to proteins and polypeptides. Methods of preparation of aminoacids, classification and general reactions of proteins, degradation of proteins-hydrolysis and end group analysis-protein hormones, oxytocin.

3. Purines and xanthine derivatives: Structure and synthesis of uric acid, Theo bromine, theophylline, and caffeine. General aspects of nucleoproteins and nucleic acids.

4. Lipids: Fixed oils and fats. Fatty acids: chemistry and analysis of oils and fats.

5. Terpenes: Occurence, general methods of isolation and classification, chemistry of citral, limonene, alpha-terpeneiol, carvone, camphor and menthol. Preparation, general composition, properties and analysis of essential oils of I.P.

6. Alkaloids: Classification, general methods of isolation, chemical tests for alkaloids, chemistry and uses of ephedrin, nicotine, papaverine and atropine.

7. Vitamins: Classification, chemistry, physiological role and uses of thiamine, riboflavin and ascorbic acid. Skeletal structures of vitamins official in I.P.

8. Steroids: Nomenclature and skeletal structures of ergosterol, stigmasterol, cholesterol and bile acids. Chemical tests for steroids. Calciferols and Sapogenins-diosgenin, hecogenin.

9. Hormones: Sex hormones, structure and physiological properties of testerone, progesterone, estrone, estriol and estradiol. Their synthesis from cholesterol or diosgenin. Synthetic estrogens. Introduction to oral contraceptives. Cortisones; prednisolone, aldosterone, synthesis of cortisone. Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: structures and their therapeutic uses.

10. Glycosides: Enzymatic and hydrolysis reactions of glycosides, mechanism of action, SAR, therapeutic uses and toxicity of glycosides. Cardiac glycosides of digitalis, bufa and squill. Structure of salicin, hesperidin and rutin.

11. Antibiotics: A general study of antibiotics, isolation or synthesis, chemistry and uses of penicillin, chloramphenicol and streptomycin, general introduction to tetracycline and other antibiotics included in I.P.

12. Spectroscopy and structure: an introductory treatment of U.V., I.R. and NMR spectroscopy in structure determination.

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