The Chemist's Companion Guide to Patent Law

The Chemist's Companion Guide to Patent Law.

By Chris P. Miller, Mark J. Evans

* Publisher: Wiley
* Number Of Pages: 329
* Publication Date: 2010-08-16
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0471782432
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780471782438

Product Description:

Written by an individual with experience as both a chemist and a patent attorney
, The Chemist's Companion Guide to Patent law covers everything the student or working chemist needs to know about patentability, explaining important concepts of patent law (such as novelty, non-obviousness, and freedom-to-operate) in easy-to-understand terms. Through abundant examples from case law as well as real-world situations with which a researcher might be faced, this book provides readers with a better understanding of how to put that knowledge into practice.

Everything a working chemist needs to know about patents—in easy–to–understand terms

For people working in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, understanding patents is vitally important when it comes to safeguarding their intellectual property. Unfortunately, most researchers involved in testing and evaluating novel chemicals have a limited knowledge of laws that pertain directly to their work.

This thorough, accessible reference fills this critical educational gap by delivering relevant legal concepts in a clear, concise manner free of specialized jargon. The Chemist′s Companion Guide to Patent Law breaks down the most salient patent information by providing a combination of explanations germane to a given topic coupled with discussions centered on actual federal court opinions. This indispensible reference:

* Provides straightforward explanations of patent law terminology, including "novelty" and "non–obviousness"
* Uses examples from both case law and real–world situations to illustrate aspects of intellectual property law that concern chemists
* Is appropriate for researchers across many disciplines who need a basic guide to patent law
* Includes a table of cases that lists pertinent chemical court cases

The Chemist′s Companion Guide to Patent Law imparts basic patent law knowledge in a breezy format that frees up time for working chemists and students by helping them stay out of the courtroom to focus their attention where it belongs—in the laboratory.

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