Convective Boiling and Condensation

John G. Collier, John R. Thome, "Convective Boiling and Condensation"
Oxford University Press, USA | 1994-06-30 | ISBN: 0198562829 | 640 pages | PDF | 9,2 MB

On its original publication in 1973, this book was the first reference for engineers to fully present the science of boiling and condensation. It dealt especially with the problems of estimating heat transfer rates and pressure drops, with particular attention to the occurrence of boiling and condensation in the presence of forced flows within pipes. The new third edition covers recent advances and significantly extends coverage to flows over tube bundles, with extensive new treatment of two-phase heat transfer regarding refrigerants and petrochemicals. Many new problems have been added at the end of each chapter to enhance the book's use as a text in advanced courses on two-phase flow and heat transfer. The book is written primarily for design and development engineers in the chemical process, power generation, and refrigeration industries, and is meant to be an aid in the design of heat exchangers.

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