Cooling Water Treatment: Principles and Practice

Cooling Water Treatment: Principles and Practice.
By Colin Frayne

  • Publisher: Chemical Publishing Company
  • Number Of Pages: 512
  • Publication Date: 2001-01-01
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0820603708
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780820603704

Product Description:

COOLING WATER TREATMENT, PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE Through a practical and international approach, this comprehensive reference addresses modern theory, practice, management, purchasing and marketing of cooling water systems, in one volume. This handbook analyzes: - Factors that may compromise and interfere with the optimal functioning and management of cooling water systems. - Treatments, including specialty chemicals, formulations, programming and pre-treatment equipment. - Elements influencing cooling water marketing efforts as well as purchasing decisions. Chapters: 1. Cooling System and Heat Exchange Essentials; 2. Makeup Water Sources and their Impurities; 3. Makeup Water Pretreatment Processes 4. Corrosion, Fouling, and Deposition; 5. Chemical Treatments and Programs for Cooling Water; 6. Microbiological Control Programs; 7. Buying and Selling Cooling Water Programs; 8. Surveys, Inspections, and Cooling Water Program Selection; 9. Managing Cooling Water Programs; 10. Monitoring and Control. These titles may also pair well with this book: 0-8206-0253-1 Microbiology of Cooling Water 0-8206-0298-1 The Chemical Treatment of Cooling Water, 2nd Edition 0820603775 The Chemical Treatment of Boiler Water Other titles by author Colin Frayne: 0-8206-0371-6 Boiler Water Treatment, Principles and Practice, Vol. I 0-8206-0400-3 Boiler Water Treatment, Principles and Practice, Vol. II.

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