Essentials of Medical Pharmacology by Tripathi

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology by K.D Tripathi
Jaypee Publishers | 6th Edition | ISBN:  9788184480856 | Pharma Dost  | PDF | 142 MB  

"Essentials of Medical Pharmacology provides broad coverage from principles of drug action to basis of their therapeutic use and skill of rational selection of drugs. Mechanisms of drug action are explained in a simplified manner. Essential pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic and dosage form information is included to enable prescribing with understanding and confidence.

Highlights of the sixth edition are:
  • Extensively revised and updated chapters to include recently introduced drugs, published information and therapeutic practices.
  • New chapter on aspects of therapeutics including principles of rational use of medicines, elements of evidence based medicine and process of new drug development.
  • Comprehensive chapter on drug interactions and an additional appendix on prescribing in pregnancy.
  • Latest therapeutic guidelines from eminent professional bodies, WHO, National Health Programmes in relevant areas.
  • Reinforcement of evidence based use of medicines by reference to results of credible drug trials.
  • Emphasis on the profile of diseases and drug use in India and other tropical countries.
  • A highly structured, systematic, user friendly and attractive layout with enriched illustrations

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