Evolution of pharmacy and drug legislation in India. A study of the following acts with upto date amendments.
  • Pharnacy Act
  • Drugs and Cosmetic Act and Rules
  • Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (1986)
  • Drugs and Magic Remedies Act
  • Drugs (price control) Act
  • Medicinal and Toilet Preparation (Excise duties) Act and Rules.
  • Patents Act and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act
  • Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics
Suggested Books:
1. Original laws Published by Government of India
2. Forensic Pharmacy by B.M.Mithal
3. Laws of drugs in India - Hussain
4. Intellectual Property Law by R.K.Nagarajan
5. Text book of forensic pharmacy by C.K.Kokate and S.B.Gokhale published by pharma book syndicate 

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