I. Pre-formulation: Objectives-Protocols-Physical, chemical, micrometric studies in preoformulation, stability considerations, drug-excipient compatibility.

II. Formulation Decelopment: Factors involved, Case studies: Formulation of (i) An antacid product (ii) An ampicillin product for paediatric use (iii) An antibacterial product for a child (iv) Pain balm (v) An anti inflammatory gel.

III. A study of the formulation, process and equipment used in the large scale manufacture, evaluation, and quality control of the following dosage forms.
(i) Suspensions (ii) Emulsions (iii) Liquid orals (Syrups and Elixirs).

IV. (i) Tablets (ii) Tablet coating - sugar, film and enteric coating (iii) Capsules - hard and soft.

V. (i) Parentals (ii) Other sterile products - eye ointments, eye drops.

VI. (i) Sustained re;ease products (ii) Microencapsulation and microcapsules (iii) Aerosol preparations.

VII. Formulation and preparation of the following Cosmetics - Hand lotions and creams, face powders, baby and bath powders, dentifrices, shampoo, lipstick, shaving preparations and hair dyes and creams, skin creams.

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