1. Excretion of drugs in urine, sweat, saliva in humans.
2. Involvement of acetylcholine in ciliary movement of frog's oesophagus.
3. Drug action on the eye of rabbit-miotics and mydriatics.
4. Drug antagonism with pilocarpine and atropine in rabbits.
5. Straub test and analgesia with morphine in the mice.
6. Drug action on insitu rectum of frog.
7. Drug action on intact frog heart.
8. Action of acetylcholine and nicotine on the rectus abdominis muscle of frog.
9. Dose response curve (DRC) with acetylcholine on rectus abdominis muscle of frog.
10. Potentiation of acetylcholine response but not of nicotine by eserine on rectus abdominis muscle of frog.
11. Inhibition of acetylcholine response by caure/procaine/quinidine/pethidine on rectus abdominis muscle of frog.
12. different stages of general anaesthesia using ether in mice.
13. Effect of ions on isolated perfused frog heart.
14. Effect of digoxin on normal and hypodynamic heart.

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