Principles of Gene Manipulation (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)

Principles of Gene Manipulation by Sandy B. Primrose 
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing | Pages: 400 | 2002-01-01 | ISBN: 0632059540 | rar | 14 MB

Principles of Gene Manipulation provides an excellent introduction to the area of Genetic engineering of plants, animals and microbes for advanced level undergraduates, with a basic understanding of genetics. This classic textbook has been substantially updated and revised to reflect the rapid advances that have been made in the core technologies in the seven years since the last edition. Furthermore, to put these technologies into context, the final chapter has been structured into six themes: · nucleic acids as diagnostic tools · new drugs and new therapies for genetic diseases · combating infectious disease · protein engineering · metabolic engineering · modern plant breeding
Contents 1. Gene Manipulation: An All-Embracing Technique. 2. Basic Techniques. 3. Cutting And Joining DNA Molecules. 4. Basic Biology Of Plasmid And Phage Vectors. 5. Cosmids, Phasmids And Other Advanced Vectors. 6. Cloning Strategies. 7. Sequencing And Mutagenesis. 8. Cloning In Bacteria Other Than E. Coli 9. Cloning In Saccharomyces Cerevisiae And Other Fungi. 10. Gene Transfer To Animal Cells. 11. Genetic Manipulation Of Animals. 12. Gene Transfer To Plants. 13. Advances In Transgenic Technology. 14. Applications Of Recombinant DNA Technology.

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